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Reasons You May Need an EIN

Although there are many reasons why your company may need an EIN (Employer Identification Number), usually it is because of an administrative reason. The primary reasons..

How Does Dropshipper Sales Tax Work?

Whether or not dropshipping sales tax applies to your business depends on whether your wholesaler is required to collect sales tax from you. If they are,..

Everything You Need to Know About Shopify Sales Tax

Shopify is not responsible to collect and remit sales tax for online sellers. It is the sellers responsibility to handle sales tax matters, which includes everything..

How Does Sales Tax Work for eCommerce?

Ecommerce sales tax works based on different laws put in place by the states that impose sales tax. These laws generally say that if you hold inventory in the state and/or reach a certain sales threshold then you are liable to collect and remit sales tax in that state.

How Do State and Local Sales Tax Work?

State and local sales tax are levied on transactions between sellers and buyers. The sellers must collect and remit the sales tax. Continue reading to learn more about how state and local sales tax work.

What is Sales Tax Nexus?

In short, sales tax nexus is a seller's connection to a state created by certain business activities. These activities might be holding inventory in a state..

How to Register for a Sales Tax Permit in California

In this blog post, we will discuss how to complete the registration for a sales tax permit in the state of California. Since the landmark court case of South Dakota V. Wayfair in 2018, states have been dramatically changing laws to reflect this expansion of the authority to require businesses to collect tax – and California is no exception. If you’re not already familiar with nexus, read our blog post, “Sales Tax Nexus” before continuing.